How we can help

How we help
Family Mediators are here to help you make arrangements you can both live with, even in difficult times when that there may be a lot of ill feeling between you.

  • The mediators won’t tell you what to do but will keep the discussions safe and unthreatening.
  • They will help you to listen to and understand each other’s point of view.
  • They will help you to consider your children’s point of view.
  • They will help you see the points you agree about.
  • They will help you to reduce the points of disagreement.
  • They will ask you to consider options and possible compromises that might work for you and your children.
  • When you come to a point in the discussions where you both are happy with the proposals the mediators will prepare a written summary for you.

We are not here to decide which of you is right and which one is wrong. We help you reach your own agreements without pressure from each other. If the proposals we help you to develop have legal and financial implications, or need to be legally binding, then we will strongly encourage you to take professional legal advice before confirming the proposals you decide on in a formal agreement.