About Family Mediation

Family Mediation is voluntary, no one can force you to come to mediation. It is fair to say that the family courts expect that couples will try hard to reach an agreement through mediation. The courts may strongly recommend couples try mediation, either before or during the court process.

Family Mediators are impartial and do not direct, advise, express personal opinions or make decisions for you. They will often supply substantial information and guidance to help move discussions forward.

Family Mediation helps you to make your own decisions for your particular situation.

Family Mediation is confidential and legally privileged to the participants. This means that no-one is able to use or refer to the discussions that took place in reaching proposals you are both comfortable with.

The only exception to confidentiality is that the mediators have to tell others if they believe that either children or grown-ups are at risk. They also have obligations under Money Laundering regulations.